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  • Genesis Inspiration Foundation donates $50,000 to the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club in Savannah
  • Genesis donates $15,000 to the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club in Savannah
  • Genesis donates $15,000 to the Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Genesis donates $15,000 to Savannah United

Genesis and Genesis Inspiration Foundation recently donated to local nonprofits in Savannah, Ga. to support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, arts education, and youth sports initiatives. The Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club received a total of $65,000 from Genesis and Genesis Inspiration Foundation. Genesis also supported the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah United, First Tee Savannah, and Girls on the Run of Coastal Georgia and the Lowcountry for their respective programs. Ceremonial checks were presented in Savannah, Georgia the week of April 22.

“At Genesis, we are focused on developing high performance, world-class vehicles that exude athletic elegance. With this in mind, we seek to give back to the communities we serve by fostering this same innovation and performance in future generations,” said Claudia Marquez, chief operating officer of Genesis Motor North America. “With our new manufacturing facility planned for the area, we are thrilled to continue supporting local Savannah organizations that increase children’s access to high-quality STEM, arts, and sports programs.”

The donations are part of Genesis’ social responsibility initiative, Genesis Gives, which seeks to pave the way for the future generation by supporting STEM education and youth sports programs, especially for children in need. As a company with a keen commitment to innovation and technology, Genesis views STEM education as a key ingredient for producing leaders and creators. With the company’s identity of athletic elegance and breaking boundaries, Genesis also seeks to help children push their own boundaries and engage in youth sports programs, which help teach important life skills in addition to providing important health and developmental benefits.

Genesis has been partnering with the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club since 2022 to support their STEM education programs. Additionally, Genesis Inspiration Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting education through the arts, has supported the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club since last year in 2023, specifically for its arts education programs that incorporate a variety of art classes for high-need youth in the community.

“Gratitude is the bridge that connects generosity to impact. With heartfelt appreciation, we extend our sincerest thanks to Genesis and the Genesis Inspiration Foundation for their unwavering support of the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club’s STEAM program,” said Mark Lindsay, chief executive officer of Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club. “Their dedication to fostering innovation and nurturing the minds of our youth echoes far beyond the confines of our classrooms, shaping a future bright with possibility and promise.”

Genesis has partnered with SCAD since 2022, providing funding for scholarships to students who are from the Bryan County area—home to Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America.

Genesis has partnered with Savannah United since 2022, contributing support for soccer scholarships to children in need, allowing more children to learn and participate in youth soccer programs.


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